1. What is the purpose of the establishers of radiolex.lt?
The main purpose is to use their and partner’s skills to solve the problems.

2. Are you experts in all fields, and decide all the world’s problems?
To solve the problem we usually involve our partners and associated group of  professionals (lawyers-attorneys, psychologists, educators, IT specialists, social workers, accountants, economists, a variety of other socio-economic life consultants).Of course, we can’t solve all problems, but we’ll see if we can help, we will take the job.

3. Can you give any assurances that the problem will be solved?
We don’t give any guarantees, but you can be ensured that we will do everything in our power.

4. How to know will you take the challenge to decide the problem?
Under the agreement, we can provide reports on the progress of works, and it’s important for us personally, because the reward for work is directly dependent on the results.

5. What makes you decide to undertake work?
We learn your problem, then evaluate our possibilities and preliminary model up a possible solution for the problem.

6. How can I sign a contract for solving a personal problem?
We can sign a contract during a meeting, by e-mail or other mutually acceptable ways.

7. If you do not solve the problem will you return contract creating fee and money paid to cover the costs of enforcement?
No. It includes minimal costs which are experiencing on your execution of the order.

8. Why should we trust radiolex.lt?
We can give you any advices and provide all possible solutions of the problem before signing a contract. To trust or not to trust, you must decide.Consultations prices – under the agreement.

9. Who is the owner of this site?
This page is owned by JSC Finaura.

10. Do you reply to all queries?
We usually follow standard practice of ethics and business – messaging.  So we usually respond to all subject queries.

11. In what city do you work?
Our office is in Vilnius, but we work all over Lithuania, and in certain cases – and abroad.