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Attorney. Lawyer. Specialty, profession, way of life, free profession, freelancer? In practice, it seems clear, but in theory, not always, so there are several different definitions of the term “attorney”. Here are some of them.

An attorney is an expert in law, a professional lawyer who provides qualified legal assistance and services to individuals and legal entities. An attorney is authorized to act on behalf of the client on behalf of the order, protecting their legitimate interests and rights in the courtroom. It is a person who can defend the rights of a person or a certain organization in court.

It is clear that the functions of a lawyer include legally competent and convincing writing and processing of all received and processed information, since any seemingly insignificant mistake (even just a technical error) can lead to undesirable results and loss of business and losses to its customers.

At present, this interesting profession has many narrow specializations: some lawyers specialize in criminal cases; others only deal with arbitration or civil matters. In these areas, there is also a division of lawyers: experts in labor disputes, family, traffic accidents, there are also “military” and “medical” lawyers, etc.

It is necessary to understand that the work of a lawyer is one of the most complex and intricate, intellectually saturated and interesting. Each day of the lawyer consists of an additional study of certain aspects of law and laws, the search for methods to protect their clients in various lawsuits.
Today, a lawyer is a broad-profile specialist. It can help in dealing with other physical and business entities and organizations (for example, resolving disagreements, participating in business meetings, other business processes), divorce cases, helping defenders against various charges, taking part in road accidents cases, helping victims get compensation for moral and physical damage, appropriate legal means for acting against another country (person, organization), etc. A lawyer advises on solving problems without having to go to or asking for a court, submitting documents and applications on behalf of clients. We always recommend using all the peaceful dispute resolution options. Very often, a well-chosen dispute resolution helps to avoid the courts and save time, nerves and money. Not sure what to do?
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Law and professional ethics define lawyer’s functions. An expert who will not leave alone the victims that need legal protection. Providing legal help, he must be a broad-profile specialist. He is being addressed in both the issues of representation in the court and issues related to participation in the divorce process; other issues related to civil law and criminal and administrative matters. However, this is not all the functions performed by a lawyer. He is also an advisor and consultant who helps to prepare various legal documents and advises on other legal issues. The activities of a lawyer are similar to those of a lawyer (jurist). It manages the legal issues of a specific organization, represents it. It is a profession of the private sector. An attorney can help to divide inheritance, prove innocence, protect honor and dignity, and help determine parenthood, as well as alimony cases, housing privatization, lawyer legal services: how to solve legal problems, preparation of legally relevant and important documents, legal representation defense and representation in the proceedings.
Life is confusing and it seems like a lawyer is required in almost all areas. Based on his knowledge, information and experience, he can foresee or at least predict the outcome of the case, suggest what documents to gather and what to emphasize in court as a peaceful solution to a dispute.
Normally in European countries, under the law, a lawyer is not entitled to engage in commercial activities, he has no right to participate in trade.
According to the lawyer’s code of professional ethics, he must refrain from statements and expressions that violate the honor and dignity of others.
This profession requires not only vocation but also knowledge in various fields, not just in the field of law. Sometimes, at work, a lawyer needs chemistry, physics, medicine and other scientific or expert knowledge, empirical understanding and perception, because the exclusive legal status requires that the professional provide exclusively quality legal assistance.


In summary, we can highlight the desirable personal qualities that a lawyer should have:

Undoubtedly – responsibility, decency, punctuality, businesslike creativity;
the ability to defend his opinion wisely and reasonably;
ability to plan activities;
attention to details;
the ability to speak and emphasize;
the ability to recreate or visualize objects, processes and phenomena;
the “sharpness” of thinking and flexibility;
logical thinking;
good memory;
orator talent;
lack of speech defects, good dictation;
the ability to correctly express your thoughts;
neuro-emotional stability (resistance to emotional stress);
the ability to influence others;
the ability to listen and hear the interlocutor and sympathize;
the ability to be abstracted from specific circumstances, even if they are directly related to it.


The profession of lawyer today is very popular in our country, therefore, every year more and more graduates go to the country’s higher education institutions to study. Despite difficult legal studies, this area is attracting students. The challenges, interesting work, good remuneration, high responsibility, continuous improvement and learning, and professional prestige attract students. An attorney can take legal action for both a pre-arranged fee (pay for the work of an attorney, legal services provided and free of charge). It is sometimes difficult to define the importance of an attorney’s activity, since freedom and human rights are not priced. Due to the nature of his activity, the lawyer has always been respected in society, so this profession is still prestigious and respected.
An attorney’s workplace is often a lawyer’s office. Not necessarily one attorney can work in it, but also several attorneys, as well as for other lawyers, and not just lawyers, specialists and their assistants.


• You can plan your work schedule. The attorney independently makes decisions on the workload, the assignment of assigned tasks, and determines the fee for the services rendered. The founders of the law office have the greatest freedom in time. This is especially important after prolonged cases. It is very important for an attorney to rest, it is necessary to do every 6 months for 2-4 weeks breaks for rest, which are unlikely to be allowed by other specialists.
• Wages are determined by efficiency and authority. However, even for beginners, lawyer assistants may be paid a high salary.
• This profession has been known since ancient times in Rome and is considered to be prestigious and respected in the civilized world. For a long time working in this field, there are important levers of contacts and social influence.

• A high tax reporting culture for law firms increases confidence in fiscal institutions. For people which are choosing the field of study the attorney is often imagined as a very lucrative profession, the legal profession is very promising and can guarantee fully equipped life, but for some reason they are not conscious of the great responsibility or about functions a lawyer must do. We must not forget the disadvantages of this profession.


• This work requires a lot of knowledge, experience and continuous practice.
• An inspiring future is more a myth than reality. Not for everyone. It is important both vocation and dedication to work. You must deserve high status in the publicity, it is not given.
• There is no guarantee and stable salary in this profession, it all depends on experience and successful cases.
• Attorneys have to continuously study, attend seminars, conduct academic research, improve their skills and constantly monitor all legislative changes.
• Risk is an important part of the lawyer’s work; he is responsible for the fate of the clients. For one thing, that is forgotten or wrong, a lawyer can lose the case, and the client is waiting for an unlucky destiny.
• It’s a family-friendly specialty because there is usually no clearly defined work schedule.

Lawyer – a person whose goal is a qualified legal assistance to all the required natural persons (citizens, stateless persons and others.) In addition, to legal persons (companies, organizations, etc.), including their legitimate interests and rights of the defense in court. The lawyer’s specialization, as well as the history of law, has genuinely deep roots and traditions, and the profession of lawyer has been known since ancient times and is considered to be truly prestigious in many countries at present. Current rudiments of the legal profession, perhaps suggesting historically developed along with civilization, it was influenced by the great historical events and circumstances, and nowadays still change depending on changes in the regulation of civil law relations.

An advocate’s job is considered one of the most popular and most sought after works in the world. Attorneys appeared in ancient Rome. Their role was played by the patrons. It was they who were legal advisers and lawyers. For some time, the lawyer’s services were provided by the rapporteurs, although these were not legal experts, but they also relied on orator skills, persuasion, and reasoning.

An attorney from the time of the Roman Republic became a liberal profession without any corporate structure. People are admiring the liberal professions, their representatives, to this day, it is attractive, associate with freedom, respect, trust.
The corporations of professional defenders in the court were formed in Rome during the imperial times, that is before our era.
About the attorney’s origins. Historical documents recorded the lawyer-defenders board were formed based on established principles in later periods: the person should have been included in the official lists of people whose income reaches a certain level and perfectly passed exams. The structure of the advocate, which was still in the Roman Empire, was classical. This classical structure has become the basis of all further advocacy mods up to our times. The number of lawyers is usually unlimited, but it depends on the state advocacy model.
In the concept itself, the advocacy covers three aspects of responsibility (spectra):
First Spectrum:
Informational, educational activities.
The second spectrum: covers activities aimed at protecting clients’ rights during judicial and pre-trial proceedings. This work includes:
Free lawyers (free legal aid) are usually lawyers (delegated lawyers) in criminal proceedings.
The third spectrum is financial. It is a monthly fee to meet the common needs of all lawyers, to maintain and secure self-government.

This profession is suitable for people with intellectual goals. An attorney must always seek knowledge and improve, even if it is not needed at this time. In this profession, it is important to quickly orient the situation, make decisions, take responsibility and impartiality.
It is important to understand that customers are different, so everyone needs to find a common language in order to properly defend their rights in court or other institutions in order to create trust between the lawyer and the client. Perhaps communication is one of the most important qualities of each advocate, and good long-term memory is important in this profession. The law covers a lot of information, so it is important to be free to orientate there. It is not necessary for an attorney to know all the laws by rote, but he must be able quickly find the legal rules required and apply them.
To work in this area, the lawyer must have certain qualities. In accordance with the accepted code of professional ethics of lawyers, honor and dignity are important in all circumstances.
One of the main features of the lawyer’s profession is the independence of the lawyer. This is a prerequisite for trust. Clearly, if there is no complete confidence, it is difficult to get full legal assistance. Any action aimed at causing distrust of a lawyer is detrimental to the image of the profession.
Another important principle of the lawyer’s professional activity is to protect the confidentiality entrusted to the lawyer. Trusted information is confidential, it can not be disclosed, otherwise it will be difficult to trust a lawyer.
Preserving the secret entrusted to an attorney involves many aspects and forms of business.
The secret entrusted to an attorney is related to the provision of legal aid or the pre-litigation stage of the proceedings, the Mystery of the non-exhaustive list relates to any data entrusted, the names of legal entities who use the assistance of a particular lawyer, etc.
All material, evidence obtained by a lawyer during the trial is also confidential and may not be distributed in any form. Of course, the information received from auxiliaries and representatives is also a secret. It is not possible to distribute the information provided by the lawyer in the course of the proceedings by providing advice. The terms of the contract between the lawyer and the assignor are also the secret of the lawyer according to the content.
The principles for the pursuit of a professional activity are defined in some legal acts and restrictions on lawyers. An attorney does not have the right to testify because of facts he learned during the proceedings.
The profession of lawyer requires him to reasonably and honestly defend the interests of the client, not abusing his rights.

The work of an attorney is complex and at the same time fun, versatile and prestigious, but not always well paid. In order to become an expert, it is necessary to devote your life to this profession, gain legal education, and then pass exams. At the same time, you should consider that it does not guarantee success, good income and excellent prospects.
This work is a vocation. The work of an attorney is a huge responsibility. Often an attorney has to choose between law, morale and willingness to help. It often happens when a person needs help, even when he is guilty. Representation of not only innocent, but also perpetrators is an area of ​​lawyer’s interests and duties.
To become a lawyer is not enough desire alone. If you want to be a good attorney and protect the interests of individuals in court, you must first acquire a good legal education, then practice, work as a lawyer and then pass exams.
At the beginning of a career, many work as consultants, assistants at a law firm or college. A lawyer’s assistant is a lawyer’s helper, also an assistant, who completes law studies, who is preparing for a professional lawyer’s activity. In order to work, the professional competence of the lawyer alone is not enough. The legal service provision process is complex. Laws in Lithuania stipulate that a person who wishes to become an advocate must be a citizen of our country or a member state of the European Union, have an appropriate academic or scientific qualification degree (legal university education), be of good repute, have a state language, have legal experience or practice. The lawyer and advocate’s assistant are regulated by the Law on the Advocacy of the Republic of Lithuania.

It is sure that the profession of lawyer is one of the most popular in the world. The lawyer’s tenancy (or title) is protected by the state. Not everyone can be called a lawyer. It is necessary to meet the standard of professional requirements and prove it. The lawyer’s name is given only in the prescribed manner. The direct responsibility of this specialist is to represent and defend the rights of individuals or organizations in the courts. This is a specialist who has graduated from law university and has been practicing. Lawyer services require deep and comprehensive legal expertise, knowledge, insights, life experiences, and ability to generalize and analyze at various angles. The minimum requirement for a lawyer is to know the tendencies of the theory of a certain field of law and be able to apply them in practice. It is a specialization of the lawyer. The main task of the attorney is always to help his client, advice, counsel, represent, and defend.
Taking into account the rather wide range of different responsibilities and laws, the advocacy is divided into two main sectors (branches of law):
Criminal Law. Criminal proceedings. It includes professionals who work with murders, thefts, injuries, road accidents, etc. They are well acquainted with criminal and criminal codes and are able to work in such areas. A large number of lawyers in criminal specialization are former prosecutors or pre-trial investigation officers who have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and apply them to the work of a lawyer. Their rights and opportunities are clearly determined in the law; the profession of lawyer is regulated by each state. An attorney always works for his client, and in certain cases for the public good, for the public interest.
Civil law. Civil process. In this area, there are those legal experts whose work relates to a fairly wide range of legal norms. It includes civil, family, labor and arbitration codes. Although a lawyer is considered a broad-profile specialist, however, in contemporary practice the narrow selection of subjects (specialization) of the lawyer’s activities is increasing. Quite often, lawyers perform very narrow activities; choose a specific one, specializing in only one area of ​​law, i.e. y provides legal services. This may be the focus on specific, narrow legal services. A specific area is formed during legal activities and can be influenced and determined by various causes: vocation, interest, practical nuances.
It is known that the profession of lawyer is complex and requires constant knowledge and the development, knowledge of existing, past and new social morals and laws. Life is changing and laws are constantly changing. The sanctions and penalties for violations of the legal norms and freedoms of individuals and / or organizations are changing. That is why the work of an advocate is one of the most complex and interesting. Every day, the lawyer gets to know the most diverse aspects of law; he is looking for ways to defend his client’s interests during court proceedings.




Attorney’s assistance in the application of European Union legislation. Appeal against decisions of Lithuanian courts.

The European Union is an association of European states that are striving for a broader and deeper economic and political integration of the countries involved.

In 1993, on November 1, since the entry into force of the Maastricht Treaty, the name of the European Economic Community was changed to the “European Community”. Under the Maastricht Treaty, the Community system was supplemented by intergovernmental cooperation and a new economic and political structure was created, the European Union.

The economic and political integration of European states directly depends on the functionality of the legal framework of the Union and the effective functioning of the judicial system of the European Communities.

The Republic of Lithuania is a member of the European Union; therefore, the courts of Lithuania must apply the Community legislation when considering internal affairs.

The legislation of the European Union is so significant for national legislation as far as it has a direct legal effect and legal force in regulated legal relations, since the legal norms of the European Union are considered an integral part of the legal system of the Republic of Lithuania and have direct application, and in case of a legal conflict prevail.

Lawyers not only must apply the legislation of the European Union in preparing documents for the court or other instances, but they should also follow how judges or other responsible persons interpret the legislation of the European Union. A lawyer can, in some cases, even be obliged to appeal the decisions of national courts to a court of law subordinate to the European Union.




Everyone needs to understand that the Constitution is the main law of the country. The Constitution consolidates citizens’ rights and freedoms. There is no law in national law that goes beyond the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania.
Worth knowing. In the world, we can detect written and unwritten constitutions. Interestingly, not only the state, but also the region, unions, parties, enterprises and various public organizations can have the Constitution.
For example: Užupis Constitution.
It is clear that the Constitution of Užupis by its imperative power can not be equal to the Constitution of the country, but it perfectly illustrates the existence of the freedoms and rights of self-expression and determination under the Constitution of the state.
The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania is an independent source of law and is a basic and integral legal act that can be applied directly. This is very important, as it guarantees in this way that everyone can defend their violated rights in accordance with the Constitution itself.
Each lawyer must first assess the specific situation with regard to the Constitution, and if necessary, it is just to defend his client in accordance with the constitutional norms, since such norms have the supremacy and supreme legal force in the system of legal norms.
A good attorney always assesses the constitutional aspect of the case. This must be done first and only then narrowing the legal circle of vision by qualifying the situation according to lower legal rules (eg, codes, other laws and regulations). The absence of a law can not be a ground for denying the constitutional right.
Each of its rights can be defended based on the constitution (principle of direct application).
Therefore, do not be afraid to demand that a lawyer first explain what violations of constitutional law perceive what your constitutional rights or freedoms are violated. This is important for a broad perception of the situation and for generic vision, penetrating insights.

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  • Conclusion and analysis of contracts, preparation of legal conclusions on their basis.
  • Preparation of pre-trial claims.
  • Setting up of applications, petitions, complaints and other procedural documents to the judicial authorities (arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction).
  • Oral and written consultations on various legal issues related to entrepreneurship.

Areas of law in which we specialize:

• Rent

• Customs disputes

• Debt recovery

• Construction

• Cargo transportation

  • Administrative and civil disputes.
  • Private accusation
  • The award, increase or reduction of compensations, maintenance and alimony.
  • Reduction, deferral, substitution or sanction of fines imposed.

• Bankruptcy

• The European Court of Justice

  • Disputes with banks, insurance companies
  • Disputes with public authorities
  • Disputes with service providers and suppliers of goods
  • Inheritance cases (Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, CIS countries, EU countries, etc.)
    for those who live in Lithuania) Example: A resident of Lithuania without leaving Lithuania can start an inheritance case, we will help and advice everywhere)
    Certificates from any archives of the former USSR
  • Pensions (RF, EU countries, Belarus)
  • Divorce cases, including residents of different countries; Migration issues; Residence permit.
    Consultations on real estate and land. Real-estate transactions (purchase, sale, rental, hire …). Sales and assistance in finding real estate in Latvia, Russia, EU countries). Business ideas with real estate (transaction objects are a plot of land, an apartment, a house, a homestead, an office, etc.
  • Selection, acquisition, establishment of an enterprise or business for foreigners and residents of the country
  • Bureaucratic, legal and personnel matters
  • Document translations. Lawyer – translator’s participation in negotiations, with a notary, in other institutions
  • Labor disputes and recruitment of foreigners

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