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Taxes. Real help and / or counseling of tax specialist. Auditing.

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We provide professional assistance in tax optimization (advised by a former long-time inspector at the State Tax Inspection in the Division of Inspections);
We consult, advise you during the tax checks;
Contact us before or after the inspection when an inspection act of responsible personnel from State Tax Inspection is drawn up.
Preventive tax audit and recommendations.
We consult and advise on the implementation of tax obligations.
We represent your interests, prepare explanations and provide other real help.
We explain and propose possible solutions to the dispute resolution or the options for treating the situation.
We evaluate the situation and optimize the payment of taxes and other expenses for the company.
Work with debtors. Debt recovery or sale (assignment of claim rights).

We provide other necessary legal services.

Just advice. Call or write a request:


We consult and specifically advise you on choosing a business execution form. What is more worthwhile for your case? What to choose? Patent / business certificate, individual activity, small partnership or other legal form??

Services for physical persons

• We help you to choose the most suitable form of performance;
• We provide consultations and conclusions on tax issues (to recover the personal income tax, etc.) and on future transactions (sale of land, etc.);
For your convenience we can arrive at your workplace or home and provide the necessary legal advice there, discuss the prospects of the tax case. We cooperate with law firms, bailiffs.


The tax consultant works in a certain company and advises both Lithuanian and foreign clients (which can be legal or natural persons) on various tax, accounting and audit issues, representing the interests of their clients in various tax administration and management and other state institutions in a high quality and professional manner, and analyzes these rights. Acts regulating taxes.

A tax consultant usually offers to his clients ways and options for solving various tax-related problems that can bring some benefits to their business, analyzes customer activity, collects information, and offers.

The tax consultant should understand how their customer business is implemented from within in order to provide a smart, integrated and efficient tax solution. Thanks to the deep knowledge of finance, marketing, business and law, the tax advisor performs a comprehensive analysis of the company’s current economic activity and verifies that it complies with all the requirements of the tax legislation.
The main goal of a good tax advisor is to clearly identify the needs of their customers, taking into account the specifics and nuances of their activities and taxes, as well as making recommendations on cost optimization, the choice of the most useful and appropriate jurisdictions, the organizational structure and the creation of tax methods.

The tax advisor advises its clients on the tax and legal implications of various types of transactions, analyzes current and potential tax risks, as well as identifies ways to reduce it

In addition, the tax consultant provides advice throughout the company’s tax and accounting management cycle, reports, quickly resolves disputes and difficulties, as well as represents the interests of the company in solving tax disputes and issues.

There are several tax consulting areas:

• consultation on personnel management and taxation of natural persons;

• advice on international taxation;

• transaction pricing;

• transaction tips;

• consulting companies in the field of energy and natural resources;

• consultation for companies in the industrial and consumer sectors;

•consulting firms working with infrastructure projects, public-private partnership projects, construction companies and the real estate sector.

• advice to financial sector companies;

• consulting companies in the field of taxation and accounting;

• global tax & accounting consultancy;

• tax administration;

• consultancy for companies in the field of indirect taxation;

• tax dispute settlement;

• consulting companies on income declarations, compliance with tax laws and regulations.

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