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  • Conclusion and analysis of contracts, preparation of legal conclusions on their basis.
  • Preparation of pre-trial claims.
  • Setting up of applications, petitions, complaints and other procedural documents to the judicial authorities (arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction).
  • Oral and written consultations on various legal issues related to entrepreneurship.

Areas of law in which we specialize:

• Rent

• Customs disputes

• Debt recovery

• Construction

• Cargo transportation

  • Administrative and civil disputes.
  • Private accusation
  • The award, increase or reduction of compensations, maintenance and alimony.
  • Reduction, deferral, substitution or sanction of fines imposed.

• Bankruptcy

• The European Court of Justice

  • Disputes with banks, insurance companies
  • Disputes with public authorities
  • Disputes with service providers and suppliers of goods
  • Inheritance cases (Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, CIS countries, EU countries, etc.)
    for those who live in Lithuania) Example: A resident of Lithuania without leaving Lithuania can start an inheritance case, we will help and advice everywhere)
    Certificates from any archives of the former USSR
  • Pensions (RF, EU countries, Belarus)
  • Divorce cases, including residents of different countries; Migration issues; Residence permit.
    Consultations on real estate and land. Real-estate transactions (purchase, sale, rental, hire …). Sales and assistance in finding real estate in Latvia, Russia, EU countries).
    Business ideas with real estate (transaction objects are a plot of land, an apartment, a house, a homestead, an office, etc.
  • Selection, acquisition, establishment of an enterprise or business for foreigners and residents of the country
  • Bureaucratic, legal and personnel matters
  • Document translations. Lawyer – translator’s participation in negotiations, with a notary, in other institutions
  • Labor disputes and recruitment of foreigners

Moral and property damage
Legal services / lawyer’s assistance
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